The colonial city of Granada, worth a visit

/ April 29, 2021

Granada in Nicaragua, not to be confused with Granada in Spain, is a colonial city established by the Spaniard Francisco Hernández de Córdoba in 1524. It is the oldest Spanish colonial city on the mainland of Central America. It has a bit more than 100,000 inhabitants. The city is also referred to as La Gran Sultana. It is located at the Lake of Nicaragua. That lake is also called Cocibolca. It is the largest sweet water lake of Central America. Thanks to that lake there is almost all the time a nice breeze from the lake going into the city. For that reason the climate is better than for instance in the city of Leon.

What to do

You can walk through the streets and enjoy the colonial style of buildings. The center of Granada is pretty small. But you can also use a horse driven carriage, a means of transport that still exists in Granada. In front of the Cathedral is the central park, where you can eat a vigoron, a traditional dish, with tiste, a pink colored drink. From the park a street, called La Calzada, goes to the lake. On that street you can find bars and restaurants. At nighttime cars are barred from it. At the lake shore there is a little park and you will also find there the Centro Turístico, one of the most frequently visited of its kind in Nicaragua. In the weekend bars, restaurants and bars are open to welcome you.

Bars, restaurants and hotels

As already mentioned, you can find bars and restaurants in the Centro Turístico and at the La Calzada street, but not only there. Granada offers also an ample choice of hotels and hostels, spread out over the city. one can find a place to stay for any budget.

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